Scott Martin, the President of Pronto Direct, is a former licensed Harris County Bail Bondsman and is still involved in the bonding industry.  For over 20 years, Pronto Direct has been providing marketing service to Bail Bond companies as well.  We target those defendants that are incarcerated and those defendants that have open arrest warrants.  We deal primarily with Criminal defendants, but many bonding companies also want to target those defendants with open municipal warrants.  We obtain the best phone number and address available, in order to contact friends/family of jailed defendants.  These phone numbers also allow the bonding company to contact defendants with open warrants directly.  We provide updated lists throughout the day.


In addition to phone solicitation, a bail bond company could mail the defendant a letter, postcard, or brochure explaining the situation and offering their bail bond services. Pronto Direct can also assist you in creating your own Marketing Campaign.


This type of advertising/marketing for Bail Bond Companies is LEGAL and in 2002 Scott Martin was a named plaintiff in a Federal Lawsuit against Harris County that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and the 5th Circuit ruling was upheld.  Some restrictions were put in place, but Freedom of Speech rights prevailed and this type of marketing is done throughout the State of Texas.

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